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Play as Carla, a tormented girl who has been trapped in the "Otherside". 1st place GIAW Entry.

Wrote a design document for Super Mario World for a Nintendo Hiring Contest.
Past Projects

Zelda-like clone using an array of enemies, swordplay combat, pushing and destruction of objects.

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Multiplayer ninja battle MORPG. Contains a multitude of techniques for players to choose from.

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Item Crafting Minigame. Enter second area with 'G'. Link items & create new ones.

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Cloud Explorers

Craft Items & Gain skills. Hold Q to keep inventory open, press E to open skill menu & drag to 0-9. G grabs items.

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Hired to Work Projects
Surreality (BYOND) by Scruqade.

A top-down tactical RPG. Mouse+Shift allows units to be box selected, then click a turf to move.

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Surreality (Vylocity) by Scruqade

A revision of Surreality in BYOND. Created item crafting, item descriptions, selectable units.

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Rise of Heroes by Chaokai

A top-down RPG. Created movement systems, inventory system, UI systems.


JoltFire is a developer dedicated to bringing you quality entertainment. Currently utilizes Vylocity ( and formerly used BYOND (